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August 2011

Bad Move

The Internet Association for Tree Hugging, Badger Loving, NHS Saving, Petition Signing and Other Worthy Causes Too Numerous To Mention, more generally known as 38 Degrees, has, at great expense, assisted a clutch of learned friends with their mortgage payments. In return, the learned friends have produced an opinion.

A few months back, Dr Death opened his coffin, exhaled a similar set of legal opinions, and retired, the silk-lined lid closing silently behind him. He has since remained as silent as a stiff on the matter.

In both cases, Dr No believes the seekers of the legal opinions have committed an error, perhaps even grave enough to put in some jeopardy the ultimate aim, that of bringing about the withdrawal of the Health and Social Care Bill. He believes 38 Degrees’ error to be especially unfortunate, occurring as it does only days before the Bill’s third reading.

How To Get Rid of Doctors

In a word: revalidation.

Amongst his medical friends, Dr No knows of two doctors who have already decided they will have no truck with revalidation. This is not because they are dodgy doctors, with dark secrets to hide – truth be told, they are very good doctors - but simply because the concept of the state deciding whether a competent, independent truly professional individual is indeed competent to practice is anathema, and a travesty of all that a true profession stands for. They would rather be out, than submit to state controlled ritual humiliation.

Hypocrisy, the Hoodie Tsunami and the NHS

Dr No is not a hoodie; nor, so far as he knows are any of his friends, or even his friends’ children. He moves in the rarefied climate of relative genteeldom that is upper middle class Britain. Most of the sharks he knows wear suits, and work in the City, or the local private hospital; and the robber barons he knows wear wellies and tweeds. Those times in the past when his medical career has taken him into the sink estates and dumping ghettoes – he recalls once being advised to ‘put his doctor’s bag first through the door’, so that the waiting Rottweiler bit it, not him – have been brief; and despite the portent of his colleague, he conducted his practice in a spirit of Croninian naivety. He came not to judge his patients, but to treat them.

Revalidate! Revalidate! Revalidate!

Press News: For Immediate Release

General Dalek Council finds ninety-six per cent of dalek organisations believe revalidation will help daleks be better daleks.

Dalek HQ, London: An independent study of over 3000 daleks in ten pathfinder sites to test revalidation has found strong support from organisations that took part. A large majority concluded that revalidation will improve the dalek experience.

'It is encouraging that dalek organisations recognise the potential benefits of revalidation,' said Niall Dickson, Chief Dalek at the General Dalek Council.

Services and the Split

Notwithstanding their superficially opposed raisons d'être, the armed forces, also known as ‘the Services’, and the National Health Service, are remarkably similar. Both are huge and complex organisations, charged with providing services vital to our well-being. Yet, for some reason or other, the NHS in England is run on market principles, making use of the so-called purchaser provider split. The armed services have no such split.

NHS Scotland and NHS England are both national health services that provide health care to their respective peoples. NHS England is run on market principles, making use of the so-called purchaser provider split; NHS Scotland has no such split. Indeed, prior to the Hacksaw years, NHS England had no such split.