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Hark the Con-Dems Do Profess!

Posted by Dr No on 29 December 2010

hark.jpgEmbarrassed by his previous clumsy attempt at spoofing carols in the political way, Dr No now risks adding extra insult to his earlier incompetence by hamming up another dearly beloved Christmas Carol. Dr No begs forgiveness from all those who love our traditional carols, and promises that in future he will leave such delicate matters to those like Anna (her dementia poems are especially moving) who know how to do verse properly.

Hark the Con-Dems do profess
‘Glory to the NHS!’
Peace on wards and clinics too
Chiefs and medics all a-woo
Joyful, all ye patients rise
Believe the spin and porky pies
With the Con-Dems acquiesce
‘Safety for the NHS’
Hark! The Con-Dems do profess
‘Glory to the NHS!’

Crikey what a bunch of Dicks!
Crikey what a nasty trick!
Right on time behold it comes
Offspring of a grocer’s womb
Veiled in Choice the tyrant see
Hail the dread monstrosity
Pleased as Punch with man to dwell
Markets are our route to Hell
Hark! The Con-Dems do profess
‘Glory to the NHS!’

Hail the infall’ble market force!
Hail the pow’r of changing course!
Choose and Book to all it brings
But no healing can it swing
Tired staff of broken spirit
Crumple under brash f*ckwits
Born to care for weak and sick
Busted now by market tricks
Hark! The Con-Dems do profess
‘Get Lost! to the NHS.’


Better watch, Dr No, or the revalidators might revoke your poetic licence..;)

Dr No
Your original carol
Was much to be admired
And with great thanks to you,
My imagination was fired!

I love the poetry of words
And the rhythm of verse
And all comes in handy
In my role as a nurse.

My friends who are residents
Enjoy our exploration in rhyme
And it helps with their memory
In place, person and time.

But all this aside
And hardly suprising
An original attempt
Benefits from revising.

Dr No
I am pleased to do so
And feel that I must honestly confess
That your rapid poetic skills
Prove intellectual prowess.

'Tis a pity that those in the
Higher echelons of society
Are dimmer of brain
And will watch with indifference
As the NHS is flushed
Down the drain.

But we are mere mortals
Who go with the flow,
But we must learn from your lead
And have the strength to say "No!"

Have an excellent New Year - or else!

Anna :o]

Dr No - I forgot to thank you for your kind words. Thank you!

Anna :o]

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