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Today Interviews Bennett

Once again, the BBC proves how far ahead it is of the competition…not to mention Al Jazeera…


Scene: The Radio Four Today programme studio, on air. HUMPH sits at a desk, chewing a carrot. JIMBO sits on a bean-bag, reading an upside down copy of the King James bible. He is muttering to himself.

JIMBO: You say Naughty, I say Kno’ch’oty. What’s in a name? Quite a lot, I suppose, if you are that b*rstard H*nt. F*cking ar…

PRODUCER (within): Shut it, Jimbo.

HUMPH (on air): Earlier today, Jimbo talked to Dr David Bennett, the new Chair of Monitor, the NHS Regulator.


FED UP with flagging sales, BMJ editor Fearless Godlee has revamped the boring old British Medical Journal.

She has FIRED all those tedious academics who clog the Journal with silly science.

She has TEAMED UP with Channel 4 to conduct fearless probes in Big Pharma.