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Important Announcement!

Posted by Dr No on 15 April 2020

As from 15th April 2020, all new Dr No posts will be on a new, more mobile device friendly website. This website,, has served Dr No well for over a decade, but it struggles at times, and is not easily converted to a responsive website that works on desktops, tablets, ipads and mobile phones.

All future posts will be just as if they had been posted here — the same Dr No style and content as before, but just posted on the new website. This website will remain as an archive of previous posts.

If you are a Dr No subscriber by email, Dr No suggests you follow him on twitter, as all posts are announced there. The emails will cease, as they are triggered by a new post here, and that isn't going to happen.

The new website (appropriately enough can be found here.

Update 2nd May 2020: the handful of 2020 posts that were first published here and then on the new website have now been removed from this website, to avoid double posting of content.


Dr No has had to turn new comments off. Please use twitter instead